Animal Communication

Animal Communication Information & ResourcesOur professional animal communicator, Trish Burrows, has been fabulous at helping us find a lost rescue animal, diagnosing medical problems telepathically, communicating thoughts our animals are thinking, including tiny puppies who want to name themselves... She does this from over 2,000 miles away and is always right on target. She helps keep our lives together with the animals harmonious. We are blessed to have found her.


Animal Communication and Spiritual Work with Trish Burrows ~ US Calls: (321) 431-4312 or International Calls: (321) 775-4027
Aileen W. Donovan ~ Insterspecies Telepathic Communicator
Kat Berard ~ Katalyst for Animal Wholeness, Inc.
Animal Talk
Carol Gurney Institute (818) 597-1154
Lydia Hiby (818) 365-4647
Marty Meyer (805) 649-0720
Anita Curtis
Spirit Healer ~ Carla Person ~ Animal Communicator & Shamanic Healer
Anaflora Flower Essences for Animals & Animal Communication
Animal Echoes
Cindy Richardson (760) 533-4603
K-9 Heart 2 Heart Communications

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