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Please take your time and thoroughly research the things you have come here for. Longevity and superior health is what you will gain, as will your companions.

Vaccines are a very controversial subject. In 1995, two of our canines got vaccinosis, due to vaccines. I did what my traditional vet said and vaccinated them annually. After all, they are my babies and I want to take the best care of them. All the while, they'd vomit, get diarrhea, and their noses turned pink. Hmmm, that's not right! It's worth your time to investigate the pros and cons of vaccinating. Know that if you keep your animal family members ultimately healthy by feeding natural species appropriate nutrition, plenty of exercise, sunshine, love, and tlc, they should not succumb to disease and if they do, it's readily curable holistically. Our natural puppy/dog rearing protocol is here: Raising Naturally Healthy Puppies.

Dr. Jean Dodd's is the owner of "Hemopet/Hemolife" the world's largest non-profit blood bank for dogs. Dr. Dodd's specializes in immunology. Her puppy vaccination protocol can be found HERE. One of these days I intend to post her vaccination protocol on this website, but as yet have not had the time to do so. Dr. Jean Dodd's office is located in Garden Grove, California. The office telephone number is (310) 828-4804. More information about Dr. Dodd's Vaccination Protocol can be found at It's For The Animals

The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust will determine the duration of immunity conveyed by rabies vaccines. The goal is to extend the required interval for rabies boosters to 5 and then to 7 years. This project depends primarily upon grassroots gifts for funding the costs of conducting the requisite vaccine trials. Our contributions to date have come mostly from kennel clubs and private individuals. The Challenge fund is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization [Fed. EIN # 84-6390682].

After researching the ingredients in vaccines: aluminum, mercury (aka thermisol), embryos, and all the diseases that are contained in the vaccines AND realizing the inhumane way animals are kept in cages too small to turn around in to extract the diseases to manufacture the vaccines, AND experiencing for ourselves and our animals the reactions to vaccines, the diseases they cause (including the disease they were vaccinated for) and hearing from thousands of our clients with the same issues, we opted out for both our human and animal family members.

Any info obtained herein is not to be construed as medical or legal advice. The decision to vaccinate is yours and yours alone.

FREE eBook by Pat McKay: Natural Immunity ~ "Why You Should NOT Vaccinate" is now out of print and rather than reprinting it, author Pat McKay is giving the world a wonderful gift by making it available FREE to all the world! It is an excellent starting point for anyone who has ever questioned the practice of vaccination.

Pat is also the Author of "Reigning Cats and Dogs".

If your pet has had an adverse reaction to vaccinations and/or chemical wormers, we recommend giving organic Life Cell Support 2 to 3 times/day for a minimum of 30 days and Bentonite Clay.

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