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Natural Health Information for Pets & People

Welcome to Green Mountain Inspirations Holistic Health Library! We are happy that you dropped by! To the right you will find links to the information we have gathered over our many years of experience using holistic treatments.

We will be adding information as we have time, as you know, time is short!

Please let us know if you enjoy our library and if you have something that you would just love to see us add.

Thank you!


Raising Kittens Naturally

Raising naturally healthy kittens can take a little effort, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy and kittens stay healthy and well.


Senior Pet Healthy

This page will tell you many of the things that can be done to help keep your best friends healthy, happy, and long lived, so you can enjoy their healthy companionship for as long as possible.


Raising Puppies Naturally

Getting your puppy started on a natural health program will help assure it stays healthy.

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Bovine Colostrum
Breeder Information
Coccidia & Giardia Information
Colostrum - Use In Deep Wounds
Dangers of Chemical Flea & Tick Spot On Preventatives
Diatomaceous Earth Information
Essiac Tea - "Does Essiac Tea Cure Cancer?"
Feline Distemper
Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Garlic - Is Garlic Safe For Your Pet?
Holistic Vet Resources
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Kennel Cough
Kitten Health
MSM ~ The MSM Miracle
No Fleas
Organic Gardening
Pain Free ~ The Egoscue Method (Human Pain Management)
Pet Allergies
Pet Food Recall Protocol
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Senior Pet Health
Signs of Pain
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