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Here are some holistic health links (some ours, some from other sources) that you may also find helpful

Animals - General:
Animal Communication Information
Natural Canine & Feline Nutrition
Animal Nutritional Therapy
Alternative Healing Modalities
Dr. Pitcairn's Animal Natural Health Center
Nutrition Coalition
Whole Dog Journal

ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar):

Apple Cider Vinegar aka ACV has some fabulous internal and external health benefits for humans and animals. We use it daily in all the animal waterers. ACV is great for arthritis and rheumatism, internal/external parasites, skin ailments, scours/diarrhea, improved growth rates, loss of appetite, improved coat condition, fertility, acetonaemia, improved milk yields, improved digestion, etc., etc., and is full of vitamins and minerals, Please look at some of the following websites for more information.
Pet Care with Apple Cider Vinegar
Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar ~ Mother Nature's Miracle Medicine
Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits And Multiple Uses
The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar to Dogs
Apple Cider Vinegar ~ A Holistic Remedy for Dogs

Bentonite Clay:

General Uses of Healing Clays


Natural Health Books

Breeder Information:

Holistic Breeder Information


Feline Distemper Information
Raising Naturally Healthy Kittens

CBD Oil:

Cannabis Is In Your DNA (video)

Diatomaceous Earth:

Facts, Info & Feeding Rates
How To Remove Fluoride, Allergies, Mercury, And Chemicals With Diatomaceous Earth
Human Use
Mites, Insects, Morgellons


Animal Cancer: Natural Healing
Cancer Starving Diet & Supplements
The Cancer Cure Foundation ~ Pets & Cancer
Essiac Tea: A Cancer Treatment for Pets
An In-Depth Look At Holistic Treatments For Cancer
Canine and Feline Cancer Links


Canine Parvovirus Info Center
Healing Parvo with Paxaid
Home Treatment for Parvo


Raising Naturally Healthy Puppies
Dog & Cat Nutrition

Fleas, Ticks & Parasites (see also: Worms)

Natural Flea & Tick Remedy



Human Health

Holistic Human Health Information
Pain Free


The MSM Miracle


Organic Gardening Resources

Senior Pet Health

Natural Senior Pet Health Care



Holistic Veterinarians


Worming With Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Dog Owner's Guide to Canine Worms
Para-Stop Formula
Hulda Clark's Pet Parasite Cleanse

Miscellaneous Links:

Is Garlic Safe for Pets?
Pet Food Recall Protocol Information
Rescue Information ~ Natural Pet Health, Disease Prevention & Treatment

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