Seizures are often related to toxins and /or inflammation in the body such as vaccinations, traditional flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, because these things are actual poisons. When not related to toxicity in the body, seizures are usually related to physical injury or trauma. Seizures can also be related to toxins in the environment – new carpeting, pesticides in the lawn/yard or parks a pet goes to that are absorbed through the pads of the paws. In order to eliminate seizures completely, it is essential to Detox and reduce inflammation in the body. Amber Naturalz Life Cell Support –is excellent for this, taken 3-4x/day – 3 to 20 drops (based on weight) for at least 60 to 90 days (symptoms will dictate how long this needs to be given). Life Cell Support cleanses and purifies the blood, liver, and lymphatic system. Kidney Rejuvenator - would be beneficial as well to cleanse and detox the kidneys, as their job is to eliminate toxins from the body. Both the organic Life Cell Support and Kidney Rejuvenator are sold together at a reduced rate in the Whole System DetoxInternal Gold Detox Kit. Detoxing the body is similar to changing the oil, radiator fluid, and transmission fluid in your automobile. The cleaner the fluids in the vehicle, the longer it will last and the fewer issues it will have. This is true of both humans and animals as well. You can also give Milk Thistle Seed Extract or Milk Thistle for Pets to strengthen the liver.

If the seizures are caused by physical trauma, i.e., falling down stairs, being kicked/physically abused, etc., give natural anti-inflammatories and consider finding a good veterinary chiropractor and/or acupuncturist to help align your pet’s musculoskeletal system and get its body back into proper alignment. Gentle massage may be helpful as well.

If seizures occur regularly, organic Natural Anti-inflammatoryAdizone is an excellent substitute for prednisone or similar NSAID’s that reduce inflammation that can be putting pressure on the body causing the seizures, plus alleviating inflammation allows any remedies you are giving to work more effectively. MSM works excellent as well, during the interim while cleansing the body, until seizures are no longer existent and should be given at double the recommended daily dose in divided doses 2 to 3x/day. Personally, I would start the MSM right away. You can find it at a health food store, feed store or similar, just get 100% pure MSM. IF it doesn’t help alleviate the seizures 100%, then add Adizone to the daily dosing.

Note: Adizone is an organic herbal cortisone substitute. The body naturally manufactures cortisone on its own, but once you substitute cortisone in the body for too long a period of time via meds like prednisone or Adizone, etc., the body will quit manufacturing cortisone on its own, so the goal is to treat the cause of the seizures, so the meds do not have to be given long term, otherwise, the being will need cortisone substitution for the rest of its life. Prednisone suppresses the immune system, which is not healthy for the body and long term health. It also toxifies the liver and can lead to liver failure. We don’t recommend it though this is the #1 drug traditional veterinarian’s recommend.

It is recommended to STOP all vaccinations: Animal Vaccines and give NO traditional flea/tick preventatives or traditional heartworm preventatives. Natural preventatives do not contain poisons/toxins that will exacerbate seizures. Natural flea/tick remedies such as Natural Flea & Tick Repellant Flea Free Food Supplement and HW preventatives such as organic HWF.

If traditional flea/tick/heartworm preventatives have been given regularly, then instead of giving organic herbal Life Cell Support, it is best to give the Internal Gold Detox Kit – which cleanses and purifies the kidneys, liver, blood, and lymphatic system. This contains organic herbal Kidney Rejuvenator and Life Cell Support to cleanse and purify the kidneys, blood, liver, and lymphatic system.

If poisoning (i.e., salmonella, campylobacter) could be an/the issue, liquid Bentonite Clay or activated charcoal are excellent, given every 2 hours for a total of 8 hours; less if symptoms subside sooner. Both can be found at a health food store in the vitamin/supplement section. We sell bentonite clay, but if your pet has been poisoned, you need it immediately versus waiting for it to arrive at your door in the mail. You should also give the organic Internal Gold Detox Kit for 60-90 days to completely cleanse/detox the body.

Derma NERV is helpful and used by those who have had pets with epilepsy to help calm, soothe, and rebuild the nerves. Detoxing the body MUST occur simultaneously though in order to provide 100% benefit while the Derma NERV helps to rebuild and soothe nerves.

Canine Distemper exhibits seizures in the mid to late stages. There’s a larger protocol, but organic Canine DT is very helpful when the seizures are related to canine distemper, but do NOT use, if your dog does not have a confirmed case of canine distemper.

Feeding raw or cooked liver at least 3 days/week is excellent to nourish the body and help cleanse the liver, blood, and boost the immune system. 100% NZ Colostrum is also excellent to nourish and heal the body. ALL dogs and cats LOVE it! =) Information about feeding raw, aka Species appropriate raw food is here, Natural Dog & Cat Nutrition.

Worms and parasites can also cause seizures. The best way to eliminate them is by feeding organic food grade diatomaceous earth daily – For protozoan issues such as coccidia/giardia, which can get into the brain and cause seizures, use Kochi Free, it works far better and is not toxic to the body like traditional antibiotics are.

All of the traditional pet foods are unhealthy for our pets and months to years before pet foods are recalled, thousands of pets have died or gotten severely ill. Nutro dog food has been causing illness and death since early summer 2008, yet nothing has been recalled yet. Here’s the FDA info: It is ALWAYS best to feed dogs and cats species appropriate nutrition. Human grade raw meat and bones as dogs and cats are carnivores with teeth designed for ripping and tearing at meat and there are far fewer recalls of human food, than pet foods. We have some clients who lost every single dog and cat family member to those recalled pet foods of 2007. It’s just not worth the risk. I can’t imagine losing one pet to tainted pet food, let alone ALL of them to something “I” would have been feeding them!

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